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Tips on updating your cv

"Human resources professionals and recruiters are trained to look for gaps, and that's the first thing they're going to ask about," says career coach Sherri Edwards, owner and principal of the Seattle-based consultancy Resource Maximizer.Fortunately, Edwards says, there are ways to present employment gaps in the best light without lying."My résumé was in terrible shape," says Mann, of Bellevue, Wash., who was laid off in 2009 and is now 65."I really had no insights into how to update it and use it to find a new position." Along with being long-winded, jargon-riddled and poorly formatted, the record of his career was out of date.Several months later, he landed an IT role in the health care sector, and, later, at the University of Washington in Seattle.If, like Mann, you haven't updated your résumé in at least five years and aren't sure where to start, consider this your primer.Just be sure you don't give away any proprietary information or trade secrets of past employers.

"Nobody needs to know that I was a high school teacher for three years," Mann says of a job he held in the late 1970s.In contrast to standard practice 10 or 20 years ago, avoid including your street address on your résumé. Instead, provide your email address, cellphone number and Linked In URL.If you want an employer to know you're located nearby, add the city and state, Scarborough Civitelli advises. If you own your own domain, like [email protected], that also works well.Scarborough Civitelli warns against gaming the system by stuffing your curriculum vitae with keywords or sneaking them in using white text."The software will likely reject those tricks as fraud," she explains.

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Edwards suggests condensing the arts-sector info on your résumé so it doesn't take up as much space as your legal background.

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