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Seniors nude

In her second portrait series, “Naked Truth,” she has created nude portraits of women who are comfortable with and confident about how their bodies have aged and changed; the works include a self-portrait, boldly revealing Alice’s makeup-free face, her uneven breasts.In preparatory work for the series, Alice photographed her subjects in their own environments and allowed them to pose as they chose, whether standing perkily with one hand on a cane or reclining flirtatiously on a bed.As Alice embarked on a journey to capture in paint the beauty of aging, Richard, 68, sculpted in clay his own fears about it.“Age is like the elephant in the room no one talks about,” he says.The only visible piece of clothing on her is a sweatband holding back her silver hair. Wilma Purvis, 94, and Norma Elfrink, 91, aren't smiling in their photo, but that's probably because they have cigars in their mouths.The pair are covered up by oversized playing cards, and each have their own pile of poker chips, bowl of pretzels and bottle of Corona.In her first project, “Women of Age,” Matzkin created a series of 21 portraits of active and vital women aged 70 or older.Her subjects included an 81-year-old Hawaiian healer, an 83-year-old Buddhist nun and a 93-year-old metaphysician and author, as well as renowned women like potter and sculptor Beatrice Wood at 100, and the late writer and feminist Betty Friedan at age 85.

In “Fear of Alzheimer’s,” a withered man sits with his knees to his chest, hands grasping his head, screaming in horror as a crow pecks at his head.The caption reads, "Top Dog." All of the proceeds from sales of the calendars go to the Barberton-based Esther Ryan shoe fund, which provides low-income kids with necessities for school, Walker said.So far, 200 calendars have sold for a piece, and orders are still coming in, she said.The residents of the aptly-named Pleasant View Health Care Center and the affiliated Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living Center, who participated in making the calendar, "said that it made them feel important again," said Tia Walker, a receptionist at Pleasant View in Barberton, Ohio."They loved it, they absolutely loved it," Walker told NBC News.

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When Alice Matzkin was 55, she did what a lot of us do.

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