Sean patrick flanery dating history

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Sean patrick flanery dating history

But Sean pressured her to get married, and Jill balked one too many times. History Amanda Browning, and her former lover, Brock Reynolds, had a daughter together named Mackenzie.

Sean moved into the Chancellor Estate and lived with Jill.The fire was believed to be caused by Phyllis Abbott at the time but was revealed to be in fact caused by Diane. Neither Frederick nor Anita had much of a story aside from being included in their daughter's story lines.Detective Weber was seen in serious crimes on and off in Genoa City in the years following this incident. Both parents mostly disapproved of Brittany's relationship with Raul Guittierez, but they were not happy when she was dating Bobby either.Ralph's terrorizing of Amanda is stopped by Larry Warton, with whom Amanda has developed a relationship.Amanda chooses to leave town after Jill Abbott shows her the security camera footage of Amanda stealing jewels from the mansion and nearly getting people killed.

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History Ralph was married to Amanda Browning and played stepfather to her daughter, Mackenzie.