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Pet tags engraved online dating

In truth, she's quite sensitive and down to earth, but has been groomed to think of herself as better than everyone else.

Post-reboot she's a Lovable Alpha Bitch from the start, found by the ghouls in her tomb.

In a sometimes tumultuous but still strong relationship with Cleo De Nile, and they occupy the spot of the school's premier power couple.

Two students, one body, each an alter-ego depending on who you ask.

Her and the ghouls butt heads once more in doesn't end well either time, thanks to Villain Decay.

Howleen is one of the many younger siblings in the wolf family and shares a room with Clawdeen.Daughter of the Mummy, here Ramses De Nile by name.Resident Alpha Bitch and head of the fearleading squad, she's known mostly for her wealth and icy personality at school.She's the signature doll corresponding to the "Bloom and Gloom" line.Daughter of Circe, and a famous pop star in the monster world.

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