Opensolaris ips selective updating frankie muniz and hilary duff dating

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Opensolaris ips selective updating

It’s an indication of the scale of change from Solaris 10 to 11 that Oracle decided not to provide a simple upgrade path.I admit to being entirely ignorant of the reasons behind this decision, but it seems very odd to me.What’s more, users of Solaris 11 Express have been having all sorts of problems upgrading to the release version.Oracle does provide a procedure called Transitioning an Oracle Solaris 10 Instance to an Oracle Solaris 11 System, enabling you to port your Solaris 10 global (or non-global) zone to Solaris 11.

On the next boot the Boot Environment solaris-1 will be mounted on '/'. 最後にメッセージが出てきました。 これは平たく言うと「新しいBoot Environment(BE)を作成して修正パッケージを適用したので、システムを再起動してBEを切り替えてください。」ということです。 「solaris」というBEのクローン「solaris-1」が自動で作成されて、「solaris-1」にSRUが適用されました。 BEはIPSと同様にSolaris 11の特長の一つで、Solaris 11では基本となる便利な機能です。BEの詳細や使い方などもこちらをご参照ください。 .

I haven’t had much experience with IPS yet, and couldn’t find many good resources out there for sysadmins (as opposed to packagers).

There are some Google references to Sun wikis, but they seem to have been broken by Oracle and/or require a login.

I cut my teeth on a Sun 3/50 running Sun OS 4.1.1, marvelled at the crystal-clear screen of the SPARCstation SLC, struggled with the half-baked Solaris 2.1 x86, schlepped countless Ultra 10s around a big EDA shop, and ran lots of mid-range Sun hardware.

However, since Oracle took over, in my view there has been a loss of interest in small- to medium-sized systems, and a significant regression in the quality of support. However, I have quite a few (what I now regard as) legacy systems running Solaris, so I have to keep my hand in.

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This is a bit of a faff involving the download of an SSL certificate/key pair, but it does work.

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