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Links Mumble Voice how to setup Change Updated Voice in Chat Room to work with Mumble in place of Yahoo voice servers automatic starts the correct mumble voice server ( if there server has it setup ) When you click on Mic icon 6th May 2013 V6.14.0 Yaz Ser V Change Updated to work with Mumble Voice Note you need to set the Mumble Link URL for your room voice in settings You can get the link by Right Clicking your room in mumble and selecting Copy URL and pasting it in.19th Apr 2013 V6.13.1 Yaz Ser V Bugfix Clicking Ban User followed by Ban User IP as username was clearing Ban Uers IP after would put hiden IP ban on server...fixed now Ban User not cleared Bugfix's Chat Room Chat Room Menu Links ...

working again now Changed Selective Volume selection per user Right click on volume changes made to work when while user taking also now Removed from PM Yahoo/MSN selection from PM's top right corner and Web Cam Icon Added Selective Volume selection per user You can Move mouse over name to show there current volume setting, Note you can set Start level in chat room buddies.Fix Turning on voice don't show you re-entering chat room now Change Remove chat server that don't connect....taken out ..Added Feature to view profiles....depends on being on new Chat rooms servers colliding when update at same time causing room to disappear off list temporally Added Local server now will connect to a you own local server that's running on another computer on your local network Yazserv List to show up time of Chat Room's in Hours after 24 hours switches to days connected Changed On login window 'Get New Yahoo!ID' changed link to better one Fix Male/Female face show correctly on chat room users lists Profile button on chat room fixed View ..

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