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Todd argued, "You know more than you think, besides I would not try to set you up with a person my age. She's nice, and her mother works in my company too. He was a catch – the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, plus he was well off by way of a great job, had a winning personality, and a wicked sense of humor.

They're both good looking, smart, great jobs, and I'm sure you'd have a nice evening; I was thinking we could team up. You take the mom – a divorcée who is not bitter about it the way some women are; she's full of life, vim, vigor, wit and very pleasant; and I'll take the daughter – Sarah, who is also a gem." I rolled my eyes, "You are really determined to do this – to get me out of this chair and house, aren't you? "Very." Todd crossed his arms across his chest and tried to look powerful and in charge. Edith told me quite specifically not to sit at home. "OK." I said the two syllables precisely and clearly. I could tell he'd been about to protest my reluctance. After college, he'd gotten a job in sales for Gleason Glass Works.

As a master of passive-aggressive behavior, I'd agree with him and do nothing. " I guffawed at his totally new approach to getting me out and about, "A double date with my son? You'd pick some cute girl your age for me, and there I'd be not knowing what to say, even how to talk about the music of your age, and her having no idea what real rock and roll is about, or stuff everyone my age knows.

After that, he'd suggest general things, and I'd do nothing, and then he got specific but I always had something that got in the way – work things usually. She'd think of me as an old fart." I was fifty-two years old, and despite my upscale job and lifestyle, I'd managed to remain trim without much effort. I'd watched girls practically fall at his feet and beg to be his slaves, but he remained aloof from their charms and always seemed to be in control of the situation. "You're catching me at a weak moment." "I'll set something up for this coming weekend." Todd grinned with happiness.

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Don't hesitate and plunge into this magnificent world of lust and unlimited Dating sex.I thought he bore a slight resemblance the way he was standing to Mr. She even made me promise to get out and be with people, even telling me I should get married again. Todd worked the east coast part of the country territory from Virginia to Ohio to Maine, traveling for a few days many weeks to visit prospects for the special industrial-grade glass products his company made.Despite my salt and pepper hair, I was still a vital person in my early fifties. He'd hit the ground running, and already had a reputation as a 'hot shot' in the company. His latest coup was an all-glass clad skyscraper in Manhattan. I guessed there were few women that weren't subjugating themselves to his every whim. Todd rolled up to my house the following Saturday afternoon, his red convertible taking a prominent place in my circular driveway.Of course, I would have felt that way about any date.This was now the first date I'd been on – other than with Edith, in over thirty-two years. You're riding with me, and we're meeting them at Penny's home. We're playing this all by ear about what the outcomes are." I rolled my eyes.

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I took the two of them to lunch on Wednesday before I went out to Pittsburg for yesterday's meetings. " "Condoms, just in case." He dropped six of them into my hand. This was almost like saying, 'Hey, your date is a sure thing.' Plus, what was my son doing setting his father up to have sex with someone from his company? It's time to get back into the major leagues." "But what if Penny doesn't do things on a first date? He said, "Dad, welcome to the twenty-first century. At least the two of us knew we were now on the same page.

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