Miley dating an older vera scarf dating

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Miley dating an older

Country star Blake admitted that the song had a particularly powerful impact on him as it made him think of the death of his older brother, Richie, saying: 'I lost my brother when I was just 15-years-old, and because of that I thought of this song in a different way.''I know Vince Gill is sitting back somewhere right now with a huge grin on his face,' he told Red after his performance.

'Congratulations dude.'Miley, meanwhile joked that fighting Blake to get Red on her team in the blinds was 'one of the more embarrassing thing I've done' — before quipping: 'I've swung naked on a Wrecking Ball, so I've done some embarrassing things.''You have done way more embarrassing crap than that,' Blake laughed.

The final four going through to the final will be announced on Tuesday night's show on NBC.

Cyrus rocked a hippie-chic look with a colorful floral printed dress and blue mascara as she walked down the red carpet at the TCL Chinese Theater with Hemsworth at her side in a classic black suit.

The two have kept their relationship out of the spotlight for the most part since reconciling after a three year separation this past fall.

Cyrus told the reasons behind their breakup, saying, “I had to.

The most emotional speech came from Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine who insisted 16-year-old Addison Agen had 'changed the way I view the game as far as The Voice is concerned.'After her moving version of Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now — a performance that seemed to leave her close to tears at times — Adam insisted her mastery had eliminated the usual competitiveness he feels at this stage of a season.'Because you're an artist,' Adam told the teen, who was clearly moved by his words as he said he would 'rather you sing the songs that mean the most to you.''I want to set you up right now as best I can for the best possible career you could ever have,' he told her.'This girl — this girl is The Voice. I think you should win this competition, but even if you don't — I don't care.'Because I think that you are one of the most special gifts that I've ever had the pleasure of working with and I love ya, I really do,' Adam said.

Addison looked shocked by the praise, blowing her coach a kiss and wiping away a tear.

'He then told her: 'I don't know what else you could have done tonight to get yourself into that final four, that was absolutely incredible.'Blake — in the strongest position with three of his team still in the running — also had country singer Red Marlow who sang Vince Gill's Go Rest High On That Mountain, which both called one of their all-time favorite country songs.I love it.'In rehearsals Noah said he had been 'staying up long nights, stressing out like crazy,' with Jennifer quipping: 'Welcome to the industry.'After his performance, she told him: 'Mama Hud is very proud, right along with your mama.You made me forget that this is a competition — it feels like your show.'Noah had sung the first duet of the night, joining Chloe for a version of Chris Isaak's moody Wicked Game.God gave her this incredible voice.'It's something people just want to hear — and I'm one of those people.'Jennifer Hudson, meanwhile, seemed most moved by Davon Fleming after his soulful version of John Mayer's Gravity that even host Carson Daly admitted was 'something special.''I'm shocked your shoes are still on J-hud,' Carson teased her of her now-typical response of throwing a show at performers she was most impressed with.'I couldn't even begin to take off my shoe because I couldn't even move,' she insisted.'I was just lifted in the air and standing in the midst of it and it was a blessing to experience that.'And your heart is beautiful because you just displayed it to us all tonight,' she told Davon.

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The pressure was on as they fought for votes to avoid the biggest elimination of the season with just half of them going through as the final four.