Is not dating black people racist

Posted by / 17-Jun-2017 04:33

Is not dating black people racist

Really, Asians are more likely to fall into the “genius” stereotype than this one.

For certain, all those folks in the Godzilla movies didn’t break out into kung fu mania – and we all know the realism and social message that those flicks represented.

And to be truthful, Asian kids – percentage wise – tend to do exceedingly well in academics when compared to white and black kids.

Still, watching one’s uncle trying to two-step at a wedding probably does more to continue to fuel this stereotype than anything else.

Ok, it IS true that the largest percentage of professional basketball players currently in the NBA is African-American (well over 80%).

Yes, many Hispanic immigrants that come to America may not speak English very well or at all.

However, the vast majority of these individuals pick up the language very quickly.

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Confronted with this stereotype, many Asians are dumbfounded to the absurdity of the idea that supposedly has them spending a lifetime in martial arts training.