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We came mostly out of curiosity and a desire to snap a tourist photo of the Moulin Rouge. Our only foray into a red light district had been in Amsterdam, and while it has been interesting, the pot smoking and legalized prostitution gave it a little bit of an out of control sort of feeling (probably why people like going there for wild parties.) Pigalle had a classier sort of feeling than the feeling that we had gotten from Amsterdam. There were more people walking around that seemed like they were having a relaxing night out with friends for dinner and some drinks and less people that looked like they were hell bent on a wild party.

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When you take the Metro to the Pigalle stop, you emerge right in the center of the action, near the world famous Moulin Rouge.

My husband and I came here for an evening stroll on our recent trip to Paris.

This is the mother of all French cabaret shows (and something that I haven’t experienced, but would like to, at least once.) Even if you aren’t going to see the show, this is a must see photo opportunity for anyone visiting the Paris Red Light District.

It’s midnight in Zurich, a global center for banking and finance, but I’m in a taxi hunting for prostitutes.

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There were many normal, middle aged looking couples, dressed up nicely, that looked like they would belong in a classy neighborhood in New York city.

The view of Paris is amazing from here, and this is a wonderful way to start your evening (you can get to Sacre Couer by taking the Metro to the Anvers metro stop and walking north up Rue de Steinkerque to get to where you can either walk up the stairs to the foot of the basilica or pay a small fee of a couple Euros to take a tram).Reading about Pigalle and the Paris Red Light District online, I notice that there have been some safety concerns reported there.I am not sure how recent some of these scams and such have been happening.Pigalle has had a long reputation of being a place where prostitutes were stationed on every street corner and criminals abounded, but in our recent visit, we did not many signs of illegal activity.Perhaps this is due to recent efforts by the French government to clean up this popular tourist destination in Paris.

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The Basilica itself is open seven days a week until pm, so while you are here waiting for the sunset, you will have time to check it out.

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