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Dating in berline germany

The backward roll is featured in the B part, the chorus, which modulates to the key of D.

The original fiddle key was D/A, but I have set the tune in G/D, where I think most bluegrassers play it.

Hollander goes into a minor version of the tune, which is kind of neat.

The first MP3 is the original 1939 Columbia recording of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, which was strictly an instrumental.

There is also an right hand exercise in the backward roll, to get you used to it.

My banjo wasn't 100% in tune, and there is a lot of background noise, but it still puts across the tune pretty well.

The second MP3 is a recording I made of an outdoor jam session I participated in at the Clifftop Appalachian Music Festival in July, 2008.

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The revised TEF file also includes som new right hand rhythm patterns for use with the closed chord positions.