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I like using my beautyblender or my hands because it provides the most natural finish.You can also layer applications to get more coverage or a smoother look.Ivy also lets a tattoo artist to gracefully integrate different images on the body.From the Latin tri quetrus or “three-cornered.” It is an endless three-cornered geometric that indicates the circle of life and the elements of earth, air, and water.

I like medium coverage so I use a BB cream and a light powder on top most of the time, but if I need more coverage, I'll opt for a regular foundation.From the Greek for “gold flower,” it is the ultimate flower. Vines have been associated with Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Early Christians viewed ivy creeping toward heaven as symbolic of the resurrection.In China, it is a symbol of perfection and simplicity. Recently, ivy has been associated with fidelity and marital love.Photo Source: Shutterstock One of the most frustrating things about the BB cream market is the lack of color diversity.Almost all BB creams are marketed toward women with lighter skin, and there really aren't a lot of options for women of color.

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It's really frustrating, I know, but there has been a bunch of chatter about it in the beauty community and more shades have been coming out!

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