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Background characteristics such as parental divorce, low education, and economic disadvantage are associated both with having more sexual and cohabiting partners and also with lower marital quality and/or divorce.

So it may not be that having more sexual or cohabiting partners causes further risk because a lot of risk was already in motion.

Our findings are consistent with other studies showing that cohabiting with more partners before marriage is associated with greater likelihood of divorce There are many reasons why having more romantic partners before marriage will be associated with higher risk of difficulties in marriage.

That said, everyone's choices about relationships matter for success in marriage.

While selection effects confound understanding the causes of risk, some experiences clearly do increase risk.

One of the most important explanations comes under the heading of what some call selection effects.

For many people, an elevated risk of difficulties in marriage was present before they had their first relationship experience.

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Here are a few points on why having more relationship experience before tying the knot might make it harder to succeed after saying, "I do."ALTERNATIVES ABOUNDWhat could be wrong with having had numerous romantic partners?

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