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commodity exchange establish rules and procedures for all participants. New York Stock Exchange Market orders request execution "at the most advantageous price obtainable after the order is represented in the Trading Crowd."7 Limit orders request execution at a specified price or better; they will be executed only if and when that price is reached. Boston College Law Review Negotiable Instruments Stop Payment Order on a Certified Check Effect of the Uniform Commercial Code. Plaintiff, a real estate broker, was the payee of a check dated August 31, 1956, drawn on and certified by defendant bank before delivery. Specialist is member of exchange appointed to main-tain an orderly succession of prices in selected stocks. This is due to the fact that we ended up with a decent product one week early and thought about what extra order types we could add to enhance our website. Few concepts like limit order, stop order are combined into single concept order, as during implementation we realized we could have a single concept order and the broker concept would internally handle individual orders. Stop Payment Orders Under the Uniform Although stop payment orders are but one segment of the liberalized article 4, they involve the debtor-creditor relationship of banks and de-positors as well as the collection process and illustrate the problems of imposing new law on old that might arise under any part of the Code. Basic to an understanding of the stop payment order under the Code is the knowledge of prior legal developments of the stop payment order under the common law and the Uniform Negotiable Instruments Law. Day Trading--The Art of Trading Stocks During One Market......

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Participant in NDNP: Indiana State Library [ Top ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IOWA Iowa newspapers such as the are included in the 3.9 million pages microfilmed. Delpha Musgrave Local Government Records/Newspapers State Historical Society of Iowa 402 Iowa Avenue Iowa City, IA 52240 telephone: 515-281-5655 e-mail: Delpha....

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